Michael Meredith is an American independent filmmaker and photojournalist. He has written, directed and produced films such as; The Open Road, Three Days of Rain and Land of Plenty and worked with Jeff Bridges, Justin Timberlake, Kate Mara and Peter Falk. With his latest project, he explores the impact his father and the Cowboys had on the 1960s culture in Texas. Michael is Don Meredith’s son, the first Dallas Cowboy in history, and he brings a unique perspective to the project.

Michael Meredith is an American film and television director. Following a rough cut screening of his first feature film, the acclaimed director Wim Wenders offered to Executive Produce and the two became frequent collaborators. Three Days of Rain, written and directed by Meredith, premiered in competition at the inaugural Tribeca Film Festival before playing the Berlinale and other top festivals around the world. The award-winning cast included Peter Falk, Blythe Danner, Lyle Lovett and Jason Patric. Next, Meredith and Wenders co-wrote and collaborated on the film Land of Plenty, which starred John Diehl and Michelle Williams. The critically acclaimed drama premiered at the Venice Film Festival, opened worldwide and earned Williams an Independent Spirit Award Nomination. Michael followed by writing and directing The Open Road, starring Oscar-winners Jeff Bridges and Mary Steenburgen, as well as Justin Timberlake and Kate Mara. As a photographer and documentarian, he strives for diverse, game-changing stories told from a personal perspective. He has reported from inside Cuban prisons, the front lines of Afghanistan, the back dunes of the Sahara and the streets of Timbuktu. Michael splits time between his hometown of Dallas and New York’s Greenwich Village, where he lives with his wife and suspiciously athletic children.